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Tacho Support


Live display of tachograph information in your office

With digital tachograph support you get all the insight you need displayed in the office instantly. Fleet managers can see who is driving, how long they've been driving for and how long they've spend on breaks. They can analyse who is best placed to do the next job, and which stages of the job a driver has completed. It's all recorded on the digital tachograph and displayed live in local offices or a central dispatch centre to help fleet operators make the decisions they need to make in real time.
WebFLEET subscription required 2,3,4 and 5 year lease rental options available on request

Live tachograph information in TomTom WEBFLEET®

It’s been the law according to European legislation since 2006 that each new registered heavy commercial vehicle needs to have a digital tachograph installed. But it’s not just a requirement – it’s an opportunity.

With the right systems in place that information recorded on the vehicle is instantly accessible for fleet managers, enabling them to make better decisions on the fly to increase fleet efficiency and compliance.

By installing TomTom LINK 510 on all heavy vehicles fleet managers can see all information recorded on board immediately in TomTom WEBFLEET® to help them manage daily fleet and order processes much more efficiently.

Assign orders more efficiently

  • Support for the digital tachograph with TomTom means you are constantly informed on how much time your driver has been driving and how long he has been waiting.
  • See if the driver or the co-driver is driving and find out how much driving time is available for that vehicle on this day.
  • Assign the right driver to the right job. See at a glance which of your drivers still has enough driving time to complete the next job.

Detailed work time status information

  • There’s no longer any need to duplicate your work time reports. Always be up to date about daily driving and pausing times and driver availability.
  • All information is clearly displayed in TomTom WEBFLEET® and quickly available thanks to TomTom’s easy one-click reporting.

Integration possibilities

Why wait for your trucks to return to the depot to feed the digital tachograph’s driving and work time information into your office application.

Get in touch with TomTom Business Solutions integration partners and find out how TomTom WEBFLEET® can help you make use of the collected data using your existing office applications to create fully customised work time reports. You can also monitor driving and pausing times to ensure none your drivers violate local driving laws.


Support for digital tachograph: VDO DTCO, Stoneridge SE5000, Actia Smartech

Works with:

  • TomTom LINK 510 – firmware update required
  • TomTom GO 520/720/920, 530/730/930, 7000, 7000 TRUCK – software update required, TomTom PRO 7xxx (thousand) series.

Only supported with certain TomTom WEBFLEET® subscriptions

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