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Our calculations are based on data collected by the DFT (Department For Transport), Freight Best Practice, the RHA (Road Haulage Association) and the FTA (Freight Transport Association) and represent an estimate of your savings.

See how much your business could save by installing Fleet Solutions by Fleet Trak.

At Fleet Trak return on investment is our focus. We endeavour to find the optimum solution for each of our clients, no matter their fleet size, so we can make a real difference to their business. 

For many of them, that comes down to a simple thing: how much they can save. There are other benefits to telematics; risk management and compliance are just two examples. But when it comes down to investing in this technology, decision-makers first and foremost want to know what impact it’ll have on their bottom line.

That’s why we’ve put together this savings calculator. It will give you an instant look into how much our solutions could save you and can help fleet managers begin to build a business case for their organisation to invest in a Fleet Trak solution.


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