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Matthew Algie

Matthew Algie

The Company

Established in 1864, Matthew Algie is the UK’s leading independent coffee roaster and serves the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Customers include Marks and Spencer cafes and restaurants, as well as the House of Commons, Gleneagles Hotel and numerous establishments nationwide. They are coffee partners with some of the biggest names on the High Street, espresso bars, and top hotels throughout the UK and Ireland.

They service and maintain coffee machines and offer 24 hour service support 365 days a year. They run coffee schools in Glasgow, London and Dublin where their training teams illustrate how to extract, steam, and serve coffee, supported by a mobile training team.

The Challenge

The business operates a team of 20 trainers, 40 engineers and 25 sales executives, who each drive a company owned vehicle to reach customers and prospects across a wide geographical area.

Although the business has a long history, it works hard at maintaining its competitive edge and uses modern technology to ensure its operations are as efficient and streamlined as possible. With this in mind, a decision was made to implement a new software system in house which would enable them to view available engineers, stock levels and road conditions and select the more suitable engineer for the job.

This, in addition to the need for more information on the whereabouts of staff, sparked the need for a telematics system

The Solution

Matthew Algie implemented a Webfleet Solutions PRO 9100 solution which in addition to vehicle tracking includes hands-free calling support, speed camera alerts, advanced mapping with IQ routes and lane guidance support. The system has the bonus of live Webfleet Solutions Traffic, allowing the driver to make the most economical and swift journey available. This solution is then integrated with third party software to make a highly effective solution.

The business considered other telematics companies before arriving at Webfleet Solutions Telematics, the deciding factors included their traffic management capabilities with the Webfleet Solutions Traffic element, financial stability and reputation of a multi national organisation.

Car and van fleets have realised fantastic efficiencies and have benefited from an impressive 20% increase in the number of sales, training and engineer calls made since the system was installed. The sales managers are now able to see where their team are at the touch of a button, using the WEBFLEET web-based telematics software. This allows for greater visibility of sales force activity and resources can be focussed in the most effective areas, which is a fantastic benefit to the company.

The management team are exploring more ways of using the reporting to manage their vehicles more effectively and have access to WEBLFEET through their iPhones, using the WEBFLEET iPhone app. This means they can monitor staff journeys whilst away from the office.

Using WEBFLEET.connect API integration, the Webfleet Solutions solution has been integrated with third party software in the back office called Metrix. This allows the company to find appropriate engineers (grouped by experience, knowledge and location), review stock and road conditions, and then allocate a driver to a particular job. This job is then sent directly to the Webfleet Solutions device in the vehicle so the driver can navigate direct to the order address.

Peter McGadey, Operations Director says “The implementation of the Webfleet Solutions Telematics solution has coincided with our new software and has enabled us to be incredibly efficient, allowing us to be one step ahead of the competition. Sales teams, trainers and engineers have all benefited with a significant rise in appointments, up to 20% increase in some cases. We aim to work closely with Webfleet Solutions Telematics to position our business as not only the leading coffee supplier in our industry, but also an innovator in using technology that creates efficiencies which enable us to deliver an excellent service to our customers.”

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