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Better Control and Faster Response Times

The Challenge

With its fleet of emergency vehicles growing fast, their deployment widening geographically, and the need to optimise the use of these valuable vehicles, the company set out to find a telematics solution that would give it better control over its fleet.

But perhaps the key driver was the requirement to show that it consistently meets ‘due diligence’ standards. This requires traceability over all aspects of its operations to prove that it always takes appropriate care to ensure that its activities are carried out safely for patients, its own staff and the public.

In the ‘blue light’ emergency role in particular it had to be able to prove that it acts responsibly with regard to the safety of other road users when attending call-outs.

A proven navigation system would also assist with long distance patient transfers into or from areas with which the crew may not be familiar.

The Solution

The solution chosen by MediForce is a connected navigation system centred on the Webfleet Solutions WEBFLEET fleet management software, the GO in-vehicle navigation and communication unit and the LINK tracking device. Using this system MediForce is able to know the precise location of each of its vehicles at all times with this being plotted on large screens at its head office.

Because WEBFLEET can be accessed by any web-enabled computer, directors and senior managers are also able to access the system from anywhere 24 hours a day, which is important for a service that operates around the clock. Information is received by WEBFLEET in real time and is stored for later analysis and to provide historical data to prove due diligence. Other useful management information can also be gathered to help identify opportunities to improve performance or to make cost savings.

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