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The Organisation

With annual revenues of over £300 million, Telent are a technology services company with decades of experience providing a broad range of network and communications services across a variety of industries. With around 2,000 employees, Telent’s field force covers the entire UK. Telent is the UK rail’s leading technology services provider and a trusted partner for the maintenance of operational communications for one of Europe’s largest transport networks. Their range of solutions, reputation for cost efficiency and service delivery makes Telent a market leading supplier.

The Challenge

The Telent team operates across the whole of the UK and covers 19,000km of railway cabling from Inverness to Penzance and Norwich to Swansea. Working on this scale and with a variety of services provided, sending the right team to the fault is crucial. Telent teams are made up of a range of technical, managerial and engineering staff who are needed to ensure that each fault is fixed and adheres to strict service level agreements (SLA’s).

When a request is received by Telent’s Rail business, there is a process to ensure that the fault is attended at the earliest opportunity. The challenge that Telent faced was knowing where the appropriate team members were at all times and being able to mobilise them quickly and effectively to the customer fault.

Telent also required detailed information regarding their drivers mileage as this would enable them to allocate mileage to the relevant project. In addition, they are able to distinguish between private and business travel.

The Solution

Telent’s Rail Business decided to implement a Webfleet Solutions solution consisting of a LINK 300 GPS tracking box with 10-second positioning, paired with a GO 7000 navigation device with 2-way messaging and LIVE Services including Webfleet Solutions Traffic into 91 of their vehicles. This is due to increase to a total of 150 vehicles.

The company has been suitably impressed with the immediate improvements in day to day business, most noticeably the incredible reduction in the time taken to allocate jobs to the right team, which has been reduced by an amazing 80% from 75 minutes to just 15 minutes.

This reduction in time to allocate jobs is critical to meet the expectations of their clients, as they regularly require accurate updates on progress. Clients are also able to acquire accurate ETA’s and can obtain an internet login to see exactly when an engineer is going to arrive at a job using WEBFLEET.

Lee Clinton, Installations and Commissioning Manager say’s, “We have reduced our response times by 80%, from an average of 75 minutes down to 15 minutes. This has resulted in cost savings and more competitive pricing coupled with over achieving the strict customer service SLA’s in place with our clients.”

The mileage of each driver is now tracked to provide detailed reports showing the distinction between business and personal travel and allows Telent to monitor excessive hours, a legal requirement within this industry being that drivers only work a certain number of hours. “Drivers are working over their maximum hours more often than we thought, with Webfleet Solutions we are able to monitor this and plan resources more effectively,” say’s Stephen Pears, General Manager at Telent.

Telent are now beginning a trial of ecoPLUS, which illustrates when and where fuel is wasted, and manages carbon footprint as well as cutting idling time. The solution includes WEBFLEET OptiDrive which presents live feedback on the driver’s driving style, allowing for safer and greener driving.

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