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The Company

Part of the global Toshiba Corporation, Toshiba TEC Europe Retail Information is the European operation providing sales and service support for retail point of sale devices and printers. In the UK, the company is based in Chertsey, Surrey, and its customers include some of the best known retail and hospitality outlets on Britain’s high streets. Crucial to Toshiba’s relationships with its customers is a reliable service support, to ensure any issues are addressed as quickly as possible to minimise disruption. To enable this, the company has a team of 26 field service engineers working throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. Each customer has an agreed service level agreement ranging from two to 24 hours. Engineers will either repair on site or do a product swap as appropriate

The Challenge

Having recently taken delivery of a new fleet of 25 hybrid vehicles, the company wished to compare the performance of the new vehicles with the existing fleet and also monitor driver behaviour and performance. The field service engineers cover around 2,000 miles a month, achieving an average of three calls a day. The requirement for accurate monitoring of their geographical locations to communicate arrival times on site was critical in honouring service agreement levels. The selected telematics system also needed to be fully compatible with Tesseract, the office job scheduling tool used by Toshiba TEC.

The Solution

Webfleet Solutions WEBFLEET vehicle tracking system is fully compatible with Tesseract through the WEBFLEET connect API. This enables immediate and seamless integration to ‘push’ data from the office to the transport team in the field.

Toshiba chose the WEBFLEET fleet management system because it is renowned for being secure and reliable (ISO 27001 accredited), as well as allowing flexible monitoring of the mobile workforce from any browser. The ecoPLUS unit enables accurate monitoring of miles per gallon and CO² emissions, whilst the OptiDrive indicator benchmarks driver behaviour and performance across key areas – speeding incidents, harsh braking and heavy cornering – giving a score for each driver out of 10. Each vehicle is also equipped with a Webfleet Solutions PRO navigation device, which helps drivers get to their destination quickly and safely, avoiding congestion by using Webfleet Solutions Traffic.

Retail Service Director Jonathan Barber explained the core business reasons for installing Webfleet Solutions. “First were health and safety considerations. Whilst we required our drivers to go from call to call as quickly as possible, we were also concerned that they did so safely, using the optimum driving routes. OptiDrive encourages drivers to refine their driving techniques, reducing incidents of harsh cornering or braking and speeding. This in turn has reduced fuel consumption dramatically, with the new hybrid vehicles achieving an average of 52 mpg, with a peak of 68 mpg compared with an average of 35-40 mpg in the old vehicles.

“WEBFLEET and the LINK and PRO unit combination enables us to determine exactly where any driver is located at any given time, know the traffic conditions and journey time and therefore provide very accurate arrival times on customer sites. This technology has been ‘second to none’ and instrumental in ensuring we provide the best possible service to our customers.

“Finally, the financial savings have been significant. The ecoPLUS unit and the insights from WEBFLEET reporting and analytics have enabled us to monitor fuel consumption and analyse fuel use. This has meant not only reduced fuel consumption but also an ability to focus and report on CO² reduction. We are one of the first companies of our kind to report CO² accurately and it has helped give us a further competitive edge. An overall 27% increase in miles per gallon is a great result, which we hope to improve further with time.”

Based on the success of the WEBFLEET system, Toshiba is looking to roll out Webfleet Solutions across the entire fleet, with a view to reaping these rewards in as many areas of the business as possible.

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