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Zenith makes dramatic £10k savings per month while halving carbon

Zenith Hygiene Group is a leading cleaning and hygiene specialist and distributes and delivers their products and services to business across a wide range of industries, from Healthcare and Laundry organisations to Government and Education. Founded in 1996, the Group is the UK’s largest privately owned independent manufacturer and supplier of hygiene chemicals and ancillary products.

Its key sectors are bars, restaurants, lodgings and leisure markets. The business has a strong history of organic growth through new client wins and selective acquisitions.

The Challenge

To reach their wide range of customers including brands such as Nando’s, Krispy Kreme, Regus and Yo! Sushi, Zenith boasts in excess of 1000 deliveries a day through their network of 119 vehicles. To keep control of such a large vehicle fleet takes a great deal of time, resource and cost, and therefore the business recognised the need for change in order to achieve greater efficiency across their operations.

The demands on the business were increasing, and the need to be innovative in a competitive marketplace motivated Zenith to look at the efficiencies of its vehicle fleet. With such a large number of commercial vans and cars, Zenith was also keen to address the effects of their fleet on the environment. Factors such as cost savings, efficiency and the need to provide the best customer service possible for retaining and winning new business, were all drivers to investigate a telematics solution.

The Solution

Zenith has installed Webfleet Solutions’s navigation and ecoPLUS fuel monitoring devices across 119 vehicles, including 56 company cars and 63 trucks.

“We pride ourselves on taking a market leader approach when it comes to our environmental and corporate responsibility and this investment demonstrates our continuing commitment in this area. We are confident the move will not only act as a catalyst to our green credentials, but also further improve Zenith’s fleet and business efficiencies.” Michael Rayner, Zenith’s Operations Director. 

They have introduced Webfleet Solutions’s Optidrive, Active Driver Feedback functionality to promote eco-friendly driver behaviour and LIVE dashboard reporting to give greater visibility and to have an effect on individual driver behaviour and over all fleet trends. This will contribute to meeting the objectives of improving efficiency, cutting costs and reducing carbon footprint.

Overall, the business has benefited from £10K savings in fuel per month, which equates to over £1000 per vehicle per year, after just 6 months since installation. Efficiencies through better job dispatch has meant better response rates and an improvement in customer service; with the company now being able to provide accurate times of arrivals by using HD traffic and manage customer expectations. Excellent customer service means they can not only retain customers but win new business through exceeding customer expectations.

In terms of fuel economy the average vehicle mpg has soared from 26 to 43 in 3 months. This fantastic improvement was due to driver behaviour being monitored through the use of Optidrive and has dramatically reduced instances of speeding, idling and harsh braking and cornering.

The Active Driver Feedback function informs the driver of these events and combined with Optidrive has enabled the business to significantly reduce the amount of bad driving incidents. This allows the company to target specific driver training at the individuals at fault. These benefits combined all lead to an improved insurance risk profile.

Webfleet Solutions’s ecoPLUS has allowed Zenith to manage their carbon footprint, which has resulted in a reduction in CO2 emissions from 33lbs to 24lbs per day. It also provides them with a real time view of each vehicle in the fleet, showing when and where fuel was wasted.

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