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Tacho Share

WEBFLEET TachoShare is a Remote Download Module that downloads tachograph data from vehicles on the road and offers connectivity to 3rd party analysis software. You get complete control of how you use your data and who you share it with, from a secure, accessible archive. Tacho Share
WebFLEET subscription required 2,3,4 and 5 year lease rental options available on request


Better compliance

  • Automate download intervals so you never miss a deadline
  • Instantly check data against benchmarks and legislation
  • Keep data safe in a secure data centre

Better efficiency

  • Help your drivers reduce mileage and spend less time on the road
  • Reduce office admin using remote data download
  • Get better insight and avoid potential fines

Better control

  • Easy to install and get running instantly with no IT involvement
  • No need to invest in additional IT infrastructure or expertise
  • Have full end-to-end authorisation process for data transmission

Better data protection

  • All sensitive data is stored in a super-secure data centre
  • Comprehensive back-up services available
  • Complete user control


Remote download

WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager automatically downloads driver card data (every week) and vehicle data (every month) to make compliance easier, save costs and time.

Manual download

Upload manually downloaded files from your vehicles that are no supporting remote download for comprehensive fleet analysis.

Deadline Manager

See when to renew driver cards and capture tachograph data, for both manual upload and remote download vehicles. Never miss a deadline, reduce fines and stay efficient.

Analysis: Social Infringement Report

Get insight into and social infringement including the severity of every infringement and associated fines per country (Germany, Denmark, Italy).

Analysis: Daily driving time and rest periods

Download our comprehensive reports into PDF or CSV format to see what each driver is doing per calendar day or per shift over a chosen time period.

Analysis: Daily Activities View

Log into this dashboard for at-a-glance insight into your drivers’ availability, driving time, resting time and more over a chosen time period.


All tachograph data is securely stored in our secure data centre for two years. Authorised users can search for driers or vehicles, and track activities.

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