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  • Rugged purpose-built device for your business
  • Designed to withstand harsh environments while running business apps with full performance
  • Android Enterprise Support to allow remote configuration of your devices to your needs (license required)
  • Wide range of fit-for-purpose accessories to maximise productivity and usability
  • Long-lasting and future-proof device
  • Durable battery to last even in the longest shift –and the battery is replaceable to last for many years
  • Designed to support Android 11 as well as future upgrades up to Android 14
  • Maximum security thanks to regular over-the-air security patch level updates
  • One device –multiple solutions: flexibility to all types of jobs
  • Fully-integrated with Webfleet and third-party apps to provide any tools required to run your jobs
  • All-in-one work phone functionalities –no separate device needed
WebFLEET subscription required 2,3,4 and 5 year lease rental options available on request
£259.00 + VAT
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