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5 Features of Webfleet Solutions

Webfleet Solutions is one of the primary solutions for providing smart fleet performance insights. Read on to discover the main features of Webfleet Solutions’ award-winning fleet management Software as a Service (SaaS), WEBFLEET.

Webfleet Solutions: WEBFLEET is an innovative solution that provides real-time information on how drivers are performing. Its main features include; vehicle tracking, navigation, communication, fuel management, and managing the drivers’ working time. It can be integrated into a 3rd party solution, as well as being able to draw up extensive reports to be used for better fleet efficiency, management and performance.

5 Features of Webfleet Solutions

Vehicle Tracking

Webfleet Solutions's vehicle tracking solution delivers the real-time location of every vehicle in your fleet. The data is collected and the fleet management solutions show precisely the time spent behind the wheel, allowing you to find out when, where and how your fleet is utilised.

A benefit of having real-time data is that it allows you to quickly adapt to new developments on your driver's route, helping you to make smart and informed decisions. It can provide instant alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a previously designated area or nominated geo-zone.

Additionally, the vehicle tracking system tells you which employee is closest to any new assignments at any given time, as well as being able to help with a proof of delivery and monitoring work-time guidelines. This solution can save you money and make your business more efficient.

Driving Behaviour and Fuel Tracking

Webfleet Solutions: WEBFLEET gives you instant access to important driving behaviour information, such as speeding or harsh braking. OptiDrive360 ensures that drivers get direct feedback and predictive driving advice while driving, and on the other side of the business, WEBFLEET presents the savings potential to the fleet manager.

The fuel tracking feature allows you to receive real-time and historical insight into your fleet's fuel consumption and emissions, enabling you to spot trends or anomalies with fuel efficiency.

In addition, should your vehicle require maintenance, you will be informed immediately and notified of its diagnostic troubles. As the data is current, you would be able to plan maintenance tasks based on the real-time mileage information.

Driver Communication

The Webfleet Solutions: WEBFLEETS software can be teamed with Webfleet Solutions Pro Driver Terminal, to allow for more accessible and efficient communication. Information regarding drivers and orders can be securely and clearly viewed. The office and field team stay connected, as the software can send notifications to your team regarding regular updates on order status and ETAs.

Tasks, such as sending out jobs and order instructions, can easily be managed straight from your office and sent to the drivers’ terminal. The terminal reads the message out loud to avoid distracting the driver. This solution means you have a more time-effective operation with automated workflow management.

Tachograph and remaining driving times

The Webfleet Solutions: WEBFLEETS integrated tachograph manager is an effective solution to provide analysis, reporting dashboards and an easy way to prove compliance. Using the software, you can not only remote download tachograph records, but also, automate download driver card data (every week) and vehicle unit data (every month).

Save costs and time through fewer manual downloads, less administration and remove the need for intensive IT maintenance. You can also save by helping drivers get more out of their driving time, as they do not need to return to the depot.

Get insight into a drivers social infringement, including the severity of offences and associated fines, as well as the drivers’ daily driving and rest periods. These are just a few of the elements which can be analysed using the tachograph manager.

Extensive reports

Webfleet Solutions: WEBFLEET gives you instant access to the KPIs that help you optimise your fleet in real-time. You can access ready-made reports or customise your own reports, to highlight the specific information suited for your business needs.

The real-time nature of the data allows the system to provide an instant overview of vehicle movements, highlighting anomalies in your business and comparing performance over time, with fuel and carbon reporting.

Service, productivity and fuel indicators can all be configured to your exact needs, enabling you to spot trends, benchmark your performance by identifying areas for improvement and, ultimately, allow you to optimise the performance of your fleet.

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