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The Benefits of Fleet Cameras

For companies which operate a fleet, it is certainly worth investing in fleet cameras (also known as dash cams and in-cab cameras). This technology provides numerous benefits, including proof of fault in the event of an accident and monitoring driver behaviour, which can result in improved driving patterns and a reduction in insurance premiums.

When used in conjunction with Webfleet Solutions technology, fleet cameras can provide sophisticated insights into the everyday running of the fleet, so that managers can work to continuously improve their operations.

The Benefits of Fleet Cameras

Read more to understand the key benefits of investing in fleet cameras today.

Proof of fault in accidents

One of the core benefits of having dash-cams installed is that they are constantly capturing footage and monitoring driver behaviour. In the event of an accident, the video footage can be used to prove who or what was responsible, which can, in turn, prevent false accident claims from being filed. In many cases, without video proof, you may have to rely solely on your driver’s word against the person claiming foul play – and we all know how that tends to turn out.

With a fleet camera properly installed, you will have peace of mind that no such false claims can succeed, as solid evidence is available to show whether the driver of your fleet was or was not at fault. This can save you money in both legal fees and higher insurance premiums.

Improved driver behaviour

Fleet cameras can also help create safer, more efficient drivers, particularly as employees will be aware that they are being monitored and will want to act on their best behaviour, thus having a positive effect on the way your staff drive. Tracking driver behaviour, therefore, adds a layer of workplace accountability and ensures people are held responsible for their actions.

If managers observe poor driving habits, they can use the footage captured as a means to discipline or further train those responsible. Modern fleet camera technology also includes G-shock sensors, which accurately measure driving styles too, being able to determine if drivers are braking too harshly, idling for too long, cornering, or speeding, all of which can lead to increased costs for business owners.

Having better drivers behind the wheel will not only create a safer working environment in which fewer accidents take place, but it can also help reduce maintenance, repairs and fuel-related costs, saving the business money overall.

The cameras can be monitored anytime, anywhere, using a cloud-based platform, which makes the monitoring of large fleets much easier.

Reduction in crime

Road accidents aside, having fleet cameras installed also provides an extra layer of security for your employees and your fleet, helping better safeguard against vehicle theft, vandalism or violent/abusive customers. The presence of a camera itself and the capturing of HD-quality, 360-degree video footage, both inside and outside of the vehicle, can help in significantly reducing crime.

If a crime does take place, the footage captured can be used as evidence to identify the suspects and help the police with their investigation.

Improved customer service

Many fleet cameras also come with an in-built GPS tracking system, which allows drivers and those monitoring them to improve the accuracy of their deliveries, through route optimisation and real-time tracking.

This often results in an improvement in punctuality and productivity, as well as ensuring the customer is kept up-to-date with accurate timescales, all of which leads to greater customer satisfaction.

Lower insurance premiums

Vehicles that have invested in fleet cameras will normally be able to benefit from lower insurance premiums since these vehicles will be deemed less risky and the company is rewarded for taking a proactive approach.

In many cases, road traffic incidents may be fraudulent, which can cause a great strain on company profits, particularly if insurance premiums rise significantly as a result. As mentioned previously, fleet cameras provide evidence of the fault in the event of false claims, protecting your drivers and your company.

Many businesses have found that these small but powerful devices eventually pay for themselves, as the potential cost-savings tend to outweigh any initial investment put in. Take a look at our fleet savings calculator for a more accurate idea of what your business could be saving.

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