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Getting Your Fleet Where It Needs To Be On Time

No one likes waiting around for a package, and people like it even less when the package is late.

But it happens, regularly - according to a study by TomTom, around 85% of drivers say they have problems completing job schedules. In order to retain happy customers, therefore, it’s vital to make the most of modern fleet management technology to ensure your mobile workers arrive on time, every time.

Getting Your Fleet Where It Needs To Be On Time

But there are significant problems with trying to attempt to rectify this by placing pressure on your workforce. That same study by TomTom found that half of UK van drivers say they are placed under excessive time pressure regularly, or even every day. Nearly 40% say their job has a negative impact on their home life, and a third regularly or even always finish late. Less than 1 in 10 actually take their full lunch break.

Overly demanding schedules and poor job planning, coupled with factors out of the driver’s direct control such as traffic congestion, only serve to increase stress on the driver and lead to mistakes.

Telematics, and the associated software designed for fleet management, gives fleet managers unprecedented insight into the performance of their mobile employees: from how long it takes to get from one job to another, to routes taken to complete these jobs, to the number of jobs finished in one day.

Furthermore, telematics can provide dynamic route changes in real time, reacting to the road conditions of the day and minimising drive time, fuel consumption and mileage. Daily work schedules can be put together based on historic data to optimise the efficiency of the mobile workforce, leading to happier customers AND happier, safer employees.

If you’d like to know more about how technology can help you manage the challenges facing you today, get in touch to find out about our range of state-of-the-art telematics products.

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